If you feel that you have been unfairly dismissed or discriminated against in your employment for any reason you may have a good case against your employer. If you are successful, you may be entitled to be compensated or reinstated.

If you are an employer, the Employment Act helps to establish guidelines for standard working hours, vacation pay, maternity leave, family leave, redundancy pay for employees, legal termination of contracts of employment and summary dismissal.

Ms. Gonsalves-Sabola can guide employers or employees through all the requirements of the employment laws to ensure that employers are properly advised on their rights and obligations according to the law and employees are treated fairly.

  • As Human Resource Manager for an international bank and trust company in The Bahamas, Margaret was always the person I turned to for legal advice on employment matters and representation before the Labour Board, the Industrial Tribunal and the Supreme Court. Whether she was vetting employment contracts or advising on employee terminations, pension scheme issues and other employee benefits, Margaret was helpful, professional and responded promptly whenever I sought her assistance. She made my work a lot easier and less stressful.
    Renee Barrow

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